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Assisting Local Churches Worldwide

For more than two decades Multiplication Ministries has been a ministry dedicated to being a resource for local churches worldwide by producing quality reproductive discipleship materials that are designed especially to strengthen believers in their faith as well as the local church. MM has published and shipped over 225,000 discipleship manuals to “the uttermost parts of the earth”.

If you browse our products page you will find materials for outreach evangelism, follow up, discipleship and training resources that have been proven throughout the years by pastors and church leaders, as well as some very exciting new products to help “equip God’s people for works of service in order to build His church”. Ephesians 4:12

As we continue to offer materials we have also expanded services to the local church. Ministry consultation and training in Church Growth, Evangelism, Discipleship, Church Planting, Pastoral Placement as well as Conflict Resolution, and church web design are available from our trained staff.

MM is an international ministry with staff in various parts of the world as well as the United States that are prepared to assist the Church of Jesus Christ to be a healthy reproductive church where ever the need might be.

If you or your church has been blessed by using MM products and/or services. we would love to hear your comments. Also, please visit our web blog for articles and insights for benefiting in your disciple making and building healthy and dynamic churches.

If you would like to discuss how MM could be of service to your ministry, or just to talk about your church, feel free to give me a call at 800 598-0872 or write at P.O. Box 1270, Vista CA 92085.

Pastor Andy McAdams President

Pastor Andy McAdams President



8 to 15: The World is Smaller Than You Think

Multiplication Ministries is honored to offer the book by Tom Mercer, “8 to 15: THE WORLD IS SMALLER THAN YOU THINK”, formerly “Oikos: Your World Delivered. Oikos is a simple biblical principle that will impact your life by providing purpose, focus and energy. It gives you and others around you a unifying purpose, a common goal and a sharpened focus for doing what Christians are called to do, “touch people for Christ”. Discover the simplicity of world change, 8-15 people at a time. Order Oikos along with other MM materials for evangelism and discipleship on the products pages.